little london fields festival 006If you fancy going to a FREE festival this weekend, you needn’t go further than this very borough.

The Little London Fields Festival is a one-day new music, arts, food and fashion event that kicks off at 11.30am this Saturday 7 August in – you guessed it – London Fields, Hackney.

Alex Daw, festival curator and promoter, said: “It’s a dream come true. What began as an idea is becoming a reality this Saturday. With free live art, music and workshops there’s no excuse not to come down and have a look or listen.

“We have also hand-picked local food stalls who will be selling fresh produce as well as a bar serving those all-important lazy cocktails or ice cold beers.

“The public’s response to this event is immense and really enhances the pride and passion that the local people have for creativity and positive endeavor.”

Born from a desire to “celebrate and represent the wealth and creativity that is harvested in this area,” the festival will showcase a wide range of up-and-coming bands, record labels, artists and designers.

Amongst the performers on the main stage are east London dub/trip hop band Don’t Wait Animate, guitarist/vocalist Anna Calvi and party trio Hackney Players Association.

Alternatively you can have a boogie in the dance den, munch on some tacos or a sausage or enjoy some celebrity graveyard karaoke with the likes of Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. “What’s that?” I hear you cry. Only one way to find out…

Little London Fields Festival
Saturday 7th August
Free entry

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