Viktoria Modesta Moskalova will appear as one of six unsigned artists in Channel 4’s Evo Music Rooms

Viktoria Modesta Moskalova performs electro pop

Listen here: [audio:Jane-Bond.mp3]

A local model and musician has made it to the final stages of a new Channel 4 TV music contest.

Viktoria Modesta Moskalova, who moved to Hackney from Latvia at the age of 12, will appear in Channel 4’s Evo Music Rooms, which launched last weekend.

Moskalova performs electro-pop under the name Viktoria Modesta, in collaboration with Nik Hodges, the son of Chas Hodges from Chas and Dave.

Moskalova and Hodges will appear as one of six unsigned artists on the show, which is curated by a different celebrity each week and hosted by Edith Bowman. The duo will receive one-to-one mentoring and free studio time as well as the opportunity to perform live on television.

When not performing, Moskalova is a successful model. In 2007 she opted for below-the-knee leg amputation owing to lifelong health complications with her left leg.

She has since made a name for herself for challenging stereotypical ideas of beauty and has featured as the face of Brixton fetish club, Torture Garden.

Find out more about Viktoria Modesta on Channel 4’s Evo Music Rooms here.

More about Viktoria Modesta.

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