Hackney mayoral candidate cleared over BNP complaint

Andrew Boff, London Assembly Member and Conservative candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Andrew Boff, London Assembly Member and Conservative candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Hackney mayoral candidate Andrew Boff has been cleared by the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) Standards Board following a complaint about remarks he made about the British National Party and its members.

Andrew Boff, who is a Member of the London Assembly’s Conservative Group, highlighted the issue of the BNP’s intention to stand Mayoral candidates in Hackney and a number of other London boroughs at Mayor’s Question Time last month.

Boff said, “I hope that the various organisations are alert to the effect that the BNP will have of the British National Party deciding to stand for the mayoralties of Hackney, Lewisham and Newham, and that the communities are alert to any of the issues that may take place amongst the communities in these particular areas.

“I view their decision with some trepidation, because where they go, there are always problems.”

But Richard Barnbrook, BNP London Assembly Member, made an official complaint, saying that Andrew Boff was claiming that  “BNP members and associates are problematic by nature.”

The GLA Standards Board ruled that Boff made the comment in his official capacity (as a London-wide Assembly Member).

Andrew Boff said, “I’m pleased that the [GLA] Standards Board has refused to allow the BNP to silence me and that my comments about them are vindicated.

“The good community relations that exist in Hackney will only be damaged by the the BNP’s decision to stand a candidate for Mayor.

“They get their votes by stirring up the kind of hatred which can lead to violent attacks. Hackney residents and the authorities need to be reminded of that I want as many people as possible to vote on Thursday 6 May to show the BNP that they are not welcome here.”

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