Don't be square: Lucky Me is an art project and venue in Hackney Wick. Photograph: Lucky Me

Not for squares: Lucky Me is an art project and venue

Two prominent local artists have come together to create an art space dedicated to live art and music in the heart of Hackney Wick.

The venue is called Lucky Me and will showcase an eclectic range of events, from performance art to poetry, music, dance, live visuals and film throughout its six month residency.

Sophie Nathan, who runs the space with fellow artist Eduard Solaz, said: “Lucky Me is an art project that creates spaces for people to hang out, get comfy and learn a little something from each other.

“We feel there is a lack of truly experimental and open arts venues and Lucky Me hopes to confront this gap. It is a truly unique event space unlike any other in London.”

In order to turn their experimental vision into a concrete reality, the two artists have worked hard to transform the old glass-factory into a functioning venue.

What was previously a shell of a building, packed with tonnes of old glass, is now a light-filled, immaculate-looking space.

All the same, they are still keen to embrace the industrial surroundings of Hackney Wick. “Rather than shedding our industrial fibre, we have worked collaboratively with other industries in the yard and embraced the vibrant juxtaposition of cultural and industrial spaces in Hackney Wick,” says Nathan.

Everything at Lucky Me is created by the artists and made from locally sourced recycled materials. This includes a hand-built wooden bar, hand-crafted lampshades, furniture and textiles.

Nathan says she hopes the non-profit venue can “provide a welcome refuge from wider society”, adding: “We want it to be a free and open space where anything can happen and people can leave their inhibitions at the door and come and relax with a beer or sing a song.”

Solat elaborated: “Here there is no distinction between the stage and the audience and we welcome impromptu performances of any kind whether that is live music or performance or poetry or singing.”

Lucky Me’s forthcoming shows include events from Hackney WickED, Lucky Pierre, Voxish as well as numerous performances from Nathan and Solaz themselves.

There will also be a Christmas market every weekend and on Thursdays in December where people can come and say hello, eat and drink together and make and buy Christmas gifts.

Lucky Me also serves reasonably priced craft beers and artisan cocktails made from fresh ingredients.

For additional information and bookings see twitter, facebook or email for further information.