Fashion / 17 April, 2012

Strutting the East London streets

The Hackney Citizen charts the rise of street style across East London through photographs which seek to capture this quirky fashion phenomenon

Rosalind Jana

Rosalind Jana, Vogue Talent Contest Winner 2011 (writing)

Trends often begin away from the catwalk, especially in East London, where the streets are lined with style gold – from kids relaxing in the park to the grime subculture and the migration of students and creatives to Hackney.

Fads and trends in youth culture are extracted from these urban spaces, and soon find themselves on a designer’s mood board, before one day taking to the street again, in one variation or another.

This has led to a new breed of street-style photographers, who aim to capture all walks of life wearing exactly what they chose to get dressed in that morning. For some, that may be Dolce & Gabbana, for others vintage or JD Sports. Over the last year or two we have witnessed street-style blogs skyrocket in popularity.

Jennifer is a street-style photographer, who works anonymously and does so purely out of love for the subject. She set up her hugely popular blog StyleEast a couple of years ago, photographing in east London locations and elsewhere.

“I go for people with natural flair, who look relaxed and casual in their own style,” she explains. When asked what trends were big in terms of street-style at London Fashion Week this season, she says “the ‘grunge’ look has hit the mainstream in a big way, although it’s been a key style in east London for some time. I also spotted a lot of fluorescent and neon colours at Fashion Week.”

Unlike self-style bloggers, Jennifer never photographs herself and doesn’t go for preened girls in designer garb, but what she does offer is an invaluable tool for inspiration and dedication to a strong look.

For more go to Style East blog.


/ 17 April, 2012
  • cock&balls

    haven’t seen much style in london fields just a load of wannabe’s following the herd … gosh I’m hungry for an oversized cup cake …

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    Would you like a bucket of coffee-flavoured milkshake…I mean, a grande latte to go with that cup cake, cock&balls? 😉

    Strutting = performing a contrived camp-macho silly walk, whilst wearing skinny jeans.

  • anom

    style = holding and wearing clothes that suit you and compliment you not showing off your underpants because your trousers need a belt ! …

  • deBris

    Hackney- Dalston in particular- is becoming Clone Town

  • cock&balls

    don’t you mean clown town ? 🙂

  • Antony Sanchez

    I love my life as a dickhead………………….


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