News / 29 February, 2012

Hackney police crack down on counterfeit alcohol and unlicensed taxis

Operation Condor saw the arrest of 70 people last weekend, who were targeted over licensing laws and anti-social behaviour

Driver arrested on suspicion of touting

Crackdown: a driver is arrested on suspicion of touting

A total of 70 arrests were made – and 68 bottles of counterfeit alcohol seized – as Operation Condor descended on ‘anti-social behaviour’ in the borough last weekend.

The police operation, one of the biggest this year, involved 368 staff and targeted drug dealing, begging, theft, assault and licensing offences.

Hackney Police have been working with the council and local police cadets to launch the operation, which began on Friday.

Police targeted Shoreditch High Street and the surrounding nightlife area, as well as 127 licensed pubs and clubs to check licensing conditions were being met. The team also targeted unlicensed mini-cabs and places selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors.

A taxi touting operation was put in place in Dalston, and drug search dogs patrolled the borough’s train stations. Officers were seen patrolling on horseback and closure orders were issued to a number of venues.

A search tent was also put up in Shoreditch, allowing police to search suspects at the scene.

Despite the measures, and the high number of arrests, police say just “several [arrests] may result in prosecution”.

Inspector Ian Simpkins from Hackney’s Licensing/Problem Solving team, said: “We will do everything in our power to keep Hackney’s community safe from harm and continue to fully support the majority of businesses in Hackney which are well-run and law abiding.

“However,we will continue to ensure that shops and supermarkets do not sell harmful substances, or alcohol to young people. In our pubs and clubs we will ensure that alcohol is sold and consumed in a responsible way and on our roads it means that vehicles, such as taxis are properly licensed and safe.”

Cllr Sophie Linden, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Crime said: “Our community safety wardens, licensing, trading standards, and anti-social behaviour officers worked closely with police to develop Operation Condor and to make it a success in Hackney. The scale of the operation and the impact it has made sends a clear message to those engaged in illegal activity that we’re committed, equipped and ready to take strong action against them.

“We’ve cracked down on a huge range of anti-social and illegal behaviour and we want Hackney people to know that we’re committed to reducing crime further and to keeping Hackney safe.”

/ 29 February, 2012
  • Antitwat

    Hopefully the Police did a sweep of the area for lairy metrosexual guys with silly beards, tight jeans and lumberjack shirts who think moving to an ‘edgy’ area means you have to act like a loud buffoon.

  • Antonius

    Shoreditch was a nice place place to live – until the ‘Night Time Economy’ was encouraged, in the face of fierce local opposition, by Hackney Council. Now, on Fridays, Saturdays and Bank Holiday Weekends, it is an over priced hell hole attracting riff raft and scum from all over the place.

  • Sally Sherman

    Nice one Nu Labour. The old places round “Hoxditch” like Browns cause no trouble but the hipster bars and clubs are full of drugs and alcohol abuse. Got Labour to blame for the all hours drinking and to think Labour wanted to open up Casino’s all over the place until Gordon Brown put a stop to it. Only good thing he ever did.

  • pat

    Its amazing what the olympics have done.


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