News / 25 January, 2012

Hackney Council secures £5 million in riots revamp

The Burberry Outlet Store is to be at the centre of council development plans to create 200 new jobs

Morning Lane Arches

The arches on Morning Lane which will be converted for retail. Photograph: Benjamin Counsell

Hackney Council has secured a £5.3 million fund to develop a designer retail village in Chatham Place, which is expected to create 200 jobs.

The money is earmarked to expand the area home to the Burberry Outlet Store, a popular tourist destination attracting around a million visitors a year. The store, which offers famous fashion names at discounted prices, will be used to attract other designer brands to Hackney.

Disused properties on Morning Lane will be restored to make room for the new retail village, after the money was secured from the Mayor of London’s riot regeneration fund.

Hackney, just one of the boroughs badly affected by the August riots, was invited to apply for a share of the £70 million fund in a bid to revitalise the local economy, increase footfall to the area, and create local jobs.

Hackney MP Diane Abbott has previously declared that Hackney desperately needs to renovate its high streets and town centres.

“Healthy and diverse high streets are the cornerstone of local communities”, Abbott said. “It is absolutely appalling that so many town centre shops in Hackney are now empty.

“The Tory-led government has completely failed to take action to support our high streets at a time when their economic policies are making the situation worse.”

Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney, welcomed the new investment. He said: “Hackney Central has so much to offer in terms of culture, vibrancy and opportunity.

“This investment has the potential to create a unique attraction that can give the borough a significant economic boost, so I ampleased that our bid has been successful.”

The rest of the £5,307,500 grant will be spent on improving shop fronts in Mare Street and Clarence Road, which were both badly damaged in last summer’s riots.

Local shopkeepers can bid for funding through Hackney Council.

/ 25 January, 2012
  • Antonius

    “The Tory-led government has completely failed to take action to support our high streets at a time when their economic policies are making the situation worse.”

    A bit rich considering Hackney has been in the death- like grip of Labour for donkey’s years.

  • Westbrook

    Brilliant! shopping is the answer to the borough’s problems. Hackney yoof can work for minimum wage selling overpriced tat they could only dream of owning to Chinese visitors

    Trust the …[Deleted by moderator]… Abbott to blame the recession on the Tories. …[Deleted by moderator]

  • Andrew Boff

    Does Diane realise that the “Tory-led” London Government is
    paying for this. If Diane thinks Hackney’s High Street only plunged into disrepair since May 2010 then i would suggest she hasn’t been paying attention. What worries me a little about the grant is that Jules Pipe will be spending it (the same man who thinks Hackney is crap and brought us such “unique attractions” as the Ocean, Clissold Pool and Dalston Square) but have today had assurances that the London Mayor’s office will be going over his plans in detail to ensure that it isn’t misused.

  • Nom De Guerre

    I think the arches could look great. Does anyone know a timeframe for this?

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    Does this mean that the Burberry Outlet Store will become the #1 target for looters, next time there’s a riot? 😛

  • Antitwat

    Hopefully it won’t all be spent on endless Islamic- Somali-Womans-Gay-Disabled-Blind- Outreach Centres. As much as I hate to say it, Hackney Council could take a leaf out of Tower Hamlets book with their IDEA stores.

    Of course £5 million is pissing in the wind compared to the £10 billion? spent on the Olympics so far…

  • simonh

    Antitwat is hackney only for white male straight physically abled people in your view?

    I am delighted Hackney is home to many people including Somalis, Muslims, Women, Gay people people who are disabled and some who are blind,,. I would guess that over 70% of the boroughs population come into one or more of these categories.., at least 50% are women for a start – what is your problem with this? The article clearly states that the money is for private enterprise so why do you bring in these comments unless to display your bigotry and hatred? Did you actually read it?

    Wether investing £5million of public money in cosmetic changes to shopfronts and some minimum wage jobs catering to tourists who will come buy and go is worthwhile is another question

    More likely to increase alienation than reduce it I would imagine

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    @simonh: thanks for being good enough to take antitwat’s bait and provide the rest of us with a good laugh at your hand-wringing, knee-jerk reaction! 😉

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    And now, a musical infomercial:

  • luke muziwa

    I live near morning lane and find it interesting how they fail to mention that those very arches where occupied by hard working people who had provided valid sevices to the residents of hackney for over 20 yrs and some worked with young people. I did my apprentiship at the mot station in morning lane when no one else was willing to give me chance and it pains me to see how they where treated, They where all evicted without being offered a place to relocate to or any funding towards starting again eslewhere. How can people’s livelihoods be taken away because of shop fronts, ecspecially in these economic times, hackney never ceases to amaze. So what is Labour doing I thought they stood for the common man.

  • Ramsey Mac

    That sounds about right it’s the usual behaviour by the Labour party council aka the Peoples Republic of Hackney. You are the enemy to them doing a good old fashioned apprenticeship in a normal business. Labour lefties would call you an imperialist pig. The worse thing is you did all that and the firms in the arches exisisted without any interference from them. They cannot bear the thought that people can make their own decisions and get on with their life on their merry own. Labour stand for themselves

  • pat

    This council have for a long time now catered for this type of so called work coming into the borough. England was said to be a nation of shop keepers,Hackney will become a borough of shopworkers.

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    It’s called deskilling, Pat. And Luke makes a very good point regarding apprenticeships and independent small businesses in the borough. It seems that the only skilled occupation which is being encouraged by the council nowadays is IT.

    Mayor Pipe and his Blairite clique are quite happy for employers to thrive in Hackney, provided that they have a nice FSTE listing.


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