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Summer portions for getting trim

The final in our four-part series on eating well from a local nutritional therapist

Delyth Johnson

Nutritional therapist Delyth Johnson

It’s our final article in the series and I have provided some options when thinking of portion control. By reducing the amount of food on your plate but still eating nutritious food, weight loss is encouraged.

When you return to your natural size or you become happy with your weight, then you can begin to increase portion size again but keeping to your new approach of eating healthy foods.

Below gives you an idea of portion sizes for breakfast, lunch and dinner which include a protein, carbohydrate and vegetable serving:

Choose x 1 portion of protein from:

100g uncooked weight (size & depth of your palm or a pack of playing cards) lean meat, poultry or fish, 100-120g tofu
2 slices of ham/lean chicken or turkey breast
2 eggs
4 tablespoons of cooked pulses, lentils or beans (if canned, no sugar or salt)
40g (1-1½ small matchboxes) cheese
Small pot (150g) yoghurt

Eat with a portion of grain carbohydrates choosing from:

2 rough oat cakes
2 rye crackers (eg Ryvita)
1 slice of rye or pumpernickel or wholegrain bread
40-50g dry weight (2-3 tablespoons cooked) of brown rice preferably basmati)
2 or 3 small (egg sized) potatoes, a treat

And add vegetables, also carbohydrates, choosing from:

2 tablespoons of sweetcorn, peas, parsnips, turnip, swede
3 heaped tablespoons – all other vegetables
Mixed salad – 1 dessert bowlful

Essentially to lose weight, switch your dietary choices to only naturally occurring whole foods, reduce sugar intake, choose healthy fats, control your portions and take some exercise:

Avoid anything pre-packaged due to the added sugars, fats, preservatives, colourings and flavourings
Go for plant-based rainbow coloured foods, lean proteins and essential fats
Be careful with your food portions
Eat slowly and in a relaxed manner to fully enjoy your food, this also lowers the insulin response
Enjoy the experience of cooking for yourself and your loved ones and experimenting with new tastes
Add some daily exercise, at least 20 minutes, and over time the pounds should begin to fall off.

Delyth Johnson is a qualified nutritional therapist.

For more information about nutritional therapy, visit Delyth Johnson’s website, email or call 07525 715008.


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/ 31 May, 2011


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