Equilibrium at Under The Dust Studios, Hackney


Under the Dust Studios in London Fields is hosting a new multidisciplinary art show entitled Equilibrium on the unstable structures of modern society.

The exhibition questions social, political, economical and technological organisational premises, conceptualising these rules through the process of creative expression in order to highlight the hypothetical balance and unbalance of things.
Equilibrium is a system in which competing influences are balanced. As a show, the exhibition aims to ‘draw attention to the struggle for individual and collective balance within the system’s conveyed order’.

A Hackney-based collective of international artists invites the audience to explore the search for equilibrium in life over a series of thematic evenings, re-evaluating these influences with an exploratory tone of defiance and creativity.
The show’s leitmotiv will develop over a period of five days, when different artists will collaborate in a series of happenings in the gallery space.

The work includes an eclectic array of paintings, sculptures, video, labyrinths, harps, clarinets, vintage synthetisers, samplers and irreverent performances.

Artists featured are Roberto Crippa, Uz In, Bruno Jamaica, Francesca Martinuzzi, Vinny Montag, Michael Picknett, Yuri Pirondi, Francisco Ortega, Marlon Random, Miguel Romo, Kemo Sabe, Amos Shein, Azahara Ubera, Jaime Valtierra and Ines Von Bonhors.


Wednesday 9 March  – Private view 6-10pm
Composer Michael Picknett presents musical ‘Sketches from Apologetics’ shown previously at the Barbican Centre with Charlotte Webber (Clarinet), Jennifer Carter (Piano) and Fontane Liang (Harp).

Thursday 10 March, 5-9pm
Performance night curated by Azahara Ubera, Marlon Random & Giulia Messana Loi. Performances will start at 7pm

Friday 11 March, 5-9pm
Experimental Machine Music powered by People
with Roberto Crippa + The Ring Mod Orkestra
Performances will start at 7pm.

Saturday 12 March, 12-8pm
6pm -1st Screening of Deviant, a short movie by Ines Von Bonhorst

Sunday 13 March, 1-3pm
Paella. Lunch + Closing
(Grand Finale around a specially cooked giant paella)

Under The Dust Studios
13-18 Sidworth Street
London Fields E8 3SD

Wednesday 9 – Sunday 13 March; opening times will vary (see programme)
Opening show: 9 March at 6.00pm

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