The newly re-opened Mess Cafe on Amhurst Road

The newly re-opened Mess Cafe on Amhurst Road Photo: © Janice Pearson

Mess Cafe on Amhurst Road has reopened with a brand new look and the same enthusiastic local support. The inside is clean, modern and somewhat more spacious than the old version. Some changes to the interior mean that it’s less cramped, less squeezing by things to get to other things including the toilet, and said toilet being a good deal more pleasant to visit!

During my first return visit, I was surprised to see that the menus had not changed. A few days later, I went back to find new menus with the identical line up. Although this is somewhat disappointing – I had hoped the changes would bring in a few new items – the quality of the food remains very good, with the “Create your own breakfast” top of the list of things I really missed.

Mess Cafe is a bright oasis in the middle of some more traditional “caffs” and Turkish grills. Hackney Central could use a bit more verve and energy any way you look at it. Welcome back!

Mess Cafe
38 Amhurst Road 
Hackney (Central) 
E8 1JN