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Mischa Borris: Green candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Mischa Borris, Green candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Mischa Borris, Green candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Mischa Borris, Hackney born and bred, works in the legal profession and is a Green councillor for Clissold ward.

A trade union member and a vegan, she says she entered polities because she was – and still is – angry about inequality.

“I want a fairer Hackney, but we need fairer politics as well,” said Mischa Borris.

The Green party’s manifesto includes addressing the crippling levels of poverty in the borough, targeting fuel poverty with a universal free insulation scheme, a commitment to a London Living wage throughout Hackney and sustainable job creation through pro-active Council programmes.

“More and more people are switching to Green, as they see we offer a progressive alternative to the main parties.

“Many of our ideas, once derided, have now been adopted by them.  We have a Green vision for the borough,  including a  job creation strategy, tougher energy reduction targets, and more facilities and opportunities for young people.

“Our policies offer progress for Hackney, with investment in public services and more facilities and opportunities for young people, as well as for pedestrians and cyclists.

“In the 2009 European elections almost one in four of the electorate voted Green in Hackney, showing that a different kind of politics is very much in demand.

“A Green Mayor and Greens on Hackney Council would present constructive and progressive opposition to Labour,” said Mischa Borris.

Key pledges if elected:

More investment in training and job creation, with all workers earning at least a living wage

Free insulation for residents to help to tackle fuel poverty

A “shop local” scheme to help the local economy

An end to Hackney Council’s pension fund holdings in armaments companies

Free school meals to improve children’s nutrition

More opportunities for young people, both in leisure and training

More resources for the Safer Neighbourhood police teams

Ensuring the Olympics fulfils its promises to Hackney

Note: this article was originally published 21 April 2010, was updated at 12.55 on Thursday 22 April 2010 and was then re-published 24 April 2010

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