News / 12 December, 2014

Hackney Greens announce general election candidates

Charlotte George will stand in Hackney South and Shoreditch and Heather Finlay in Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Charlotte George. Photograph: Hackney Green Party

Charlotte George. Photograph: Hackney Green Party

Hackney Green Party has announced its candidates for the May 2015 general election.

Charlotte George will stand in Hackney South and Shoreditch, where Meg Hillier will be likely to seek re-election. Heather Finlay will compete for Diane Abbott’s seat in Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

The Greens’ key campaign issues are for “clean air for Hackney, homes not investments and proportional representation at local elections”.

Charlotte George, a filmmaker and campaigner who has lived in Victoria Ward for four years, said: Housing, along with challenging the current anti-immigration rhetoric and getting real about climate change, are the issues I most want to talk to the people of South Hackney about. The Green Party can offer them a genuine alternative.”

Heather Finlay. Photograph: Hackney Green Party

Heather Finlay. Photograph: Hackney Green Party

Heather Finlay, who has been an active member of the Green Party for nine years said: “The Green Party has alternatives and I look forward to giving the residents of Hackney North and Stoke Newington an opportunity to think differently about the future.”

The Greens have also announced that their membership has increased by almost 100 per cent this year. In January the Greens had 194 members, but latest December figures show an increase to 380.

The increased membership of Hackney Greens has been replicated nationally, as the Green Party of England and Wales has seen its membership double this year, reaching over 27,000 people.

Speaking on the rise of Hackney Greens, Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party said: “This is a real landmark in the ‘Green surge’. To have doubled the membership of the party in less than a year is a real marker of the way in which people in England and Wales are seeing that we need real change in our society, not the business-as-usual politics offered by the three largest parties.”

/ 12 December, 2014
  • Ross William

    Don’t forget the TTIP agreement being negotiated behind closed doors between the USA and EU Countries

    This would allow corporations to sue the government for hundreds of millions/billions of pounds in closed doors private sector ‘courts’ (known as ‘arbitration centers’) for regulating in the public interest.

    If we pass laws that could affect their **future** profits, or if we try to properly re-nationalize the NHS, a corporation could take us to one of these private courts, and 3 corporate lawyers, partly chosen by the corporation (all three could work for the corporation at a later date and might have in the past), act as judge and jury and will decide how much taxpayers money should be given to the corporation.

    The proceedings are done in accordance with international trade law, NOT UK domestic law. International trade law is determined by places like the World Trade Organization and is heavily influenced by the interests of multinational corporations.

    (Why are the poorest regions of the world a huge mess despite lots of western corporate presence there? take a guess…).

    Arbitrators don’t have to care about the moral rights of UK citizens and are not accountable to us.

    We could be sued for money the corporation would have earned YEARS from now, but hasn’t actually done anything to earn yet (sometimes known as indirect expropriation).

    Last time I checked I couldn’t sue an employer for ‘indirect expropriation’ for decades of future wages if I get made redundant.

    You, the public have no serious right of appeal (at best a ‘review’ might be done…often by three other corporate lawyers), and no serious right to know what legal reasoning was used to reach the decision even if a billion pounds + of your taxes is being handed over.

    Small and medium sized UK businesses have no recourse to this mechanism, known as ISDS which stands for Investor State Dispute Settlement.

    Only the Green Party and some of the other smaller parties, like the National Health Action Party are outright against it; CON, LAB and LID DEM are all in favour of it. In fact when some in the EU started talking about taking ISDS out of TTIP, ministers lobbied for it to be kept in!!!!!

    UKIP have argued against NHS inclusion in TTIP but have not yet said anything stronger to my knowledge.

    If it weren’t for Green members of the EU Parliament we would have been guaranteed to lose this war being waged against our democracy. The Greens need our support – VOTE GREEN.

  • Ross William

    For readers who would like more information on TTIP and the Green Party’s stance on it, there are numerous YouTube videos by former BBC documentary maker David Malone which discuss the nastier parts of this kind of treaty in plain English. For example:

    which is called: David Malone on the Dangers of TTIP.


  • Terry Stewart

    The victory or Syriza might just knock TTIP out completely. See the article below.


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